The project takes place in a very calm area of Luxembourg, in the small village of Berdorf renown as the Little Switzerland in Luxembourg. This project represents an opportunity for ODA to express its take on contemporary architecture with form, function and materials.

The plot is composed of 2 bi-family houses with a total of 4 units. The units are identical in function and form but similar in facades. One unit has a total of 2 floors, ground floor and first floor. The design of the function opted to separate living zones from the private/quiet ones.

As privacy was one of the main objectives with this project, besides separating the interior zones, the exterior elements were carefully thought-out. Starting with the entrance which is communal, it serves both the concept of community and privacy. It was designed with wood panels that give the open space some privacy. Besides the entrances, the terraces are also designed in a way that give you privacy and yet allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The main function of each unit is housing and is composed with the typical spaces a house should have.

To escape the regular rectangular volume, the roof was extended in height in some sides in order to create a more fluid façade. Such façade makes the buildings more presentable, stand out in the neighborhood and sets a new standard of contemporary design in Luxembourg.

Another characteristic of the project is the use of wooden panels on the façade that contribute to the fluidity of the façade as well as on sustainability. Through these panels, the units are able to control the rays of sun entering their space, thus playing with light and shadow.

  • Lieu: Berdorf, Luxembourg
  • Programme: logements, appartements, résidence privée, maison bi-familiale
  • Typologie: Maison jumelle
  • Client: Privée
  • Taille: 472 per house, 944 for two houses
  • Année: 2021
  • Équipe de design: ODA Architects
  • Statut In process