ODA is a typical and important space used in certain cultures and traditions for making important decisions that benefit the community. It is a minimalist and multifunctional space. Its importance is to bring people together, therefor encourage communication and collaboration for a better future.

As the founder Bujar Hasani comes from Kosovo, a place where ODA is an inseparable part of the tradition, he was inspired by its spiritual values. He decided to translate these important attributes to architecture and today’s society and thus it became O(ffice) for D(iverse) A(rchitecture). Following the diverse educational background of the owner in different fields as well as 10-year experience in architectural offices, it became clear that starting an office based on this philosophy, would be a way to contribute to the future.

ODA Architects office is created with architects, who graduated from University of Luxembourg with emphasis on Architecture, European Urbanization and Globalization.

The main objective of Oda Architects is to create projects based on research, analysis, contemporary needs and developments. We propose solutions focusing on function, space, morphology and typology. Striving for the best result in terms of global issues such as environmental protection, our designs take shape by experimenting with innovative and ecological materials to achieve the best performance of a project.

We are convinced that architecture shapes individual and collective behavior and so we invest knowledge to shape, create, enhance the built environment. Shaped by the idea that architecture is not a static discipline but in fact multi-scalar and it goes hand-in-hand with research, on site practice and close relation with the client, ODA aims to reflect these attributes through its designs.

Autonomous, coherent and collaborative, ODA Architects is setting up an international network for a better architectural ambiance.



Founder and CEO