Located in the oldest Luxembourgish commune, Residence T takes shape by respecting the traditional approach, yet re-inventing it. The design was based on rules and regulations, where it was seen as an opportunity to provide a different approach to design. This multi-story new residential building with approximately 610 sqm, steals the show along the main road with its characteristic architectural approach.

Inspired by the concept of inner courtyards, the building’s main feature which is the roof tends to reflect that. Being limited by regulations, ODA’s office takes upon itself to turn a challenge into creativity. By such limitations, the project concluded with a new typology.

The residence is composed of 5 stories and has two main functions:

habitation and commercial

Nevertheless, the roof terraces and the roof itself are the special element of the project. By integrating yet skipping the traditional gable roof, the design resulted in a new gable roof typology. The usable inverted space avoid conflict with the surrounding.

Being located en-face of Residence A, it is thought to use the same approach on wooden structure elements that provide environmental and acoustic qualities.

Residence T represents the level of creativity when facing limitations. And as such, it is on its way to be authorized by the commune.

  • Location: Echternach, Luxembourg
  • Program: housing, apartments, private residence, house, commerce
  • Typology: House/Commercial
  • Client: Private
  • Size: 610
  • Year: 2021
  • Design team: ODA Architects
  • Status: In process