Residence A marks an important design project in Luxembourg as it brings awareness to sustainability and environment in a highly protected zone.

Located in the commune of Echternach, the house appears with a classic look which was a compromise with rules and regulations of this old city. However, the house is quite far from classical design methods and construction.

Besides collaborating with rules and regulations, this project was based on a long research study whose goal was to create a zero plastic and ecological design project in a small city.

The building has custom designed prefabricated wooden elements. After testing 5 different concepts with experts of different fields for the structure elements, a completely new concept came to light. This new concept of elements has specific and innovative elements that result in energy efficiency as well as acoustic qualities.

Energy efficiency and acoustic qualities are achieved by using specific materials. For example, the outer walls have two different insulations; interior insulation is wood fiber where as exterior insulation is quark. In-between them, another innovative material takes place which is pressed texture. This pressed texture breaks the noise coming from outside hence achieving acoustic quality.

To put into perspective, this designed wall achieves the qualities of a 50cm concrete wall, yet is environmentally friendly and it takes up less space.

Residence A is a multi-story building that has three main functions:

office, commercial and habitation.

  • Location: Echternach, Luxembourg
  • Program: housing, apartments, private residence, house, commerce
  • Typology: House/Commercial
  • Client: Private
  • Size: 392,54
  • Year: 2021
  • Design team: ODA Architects
  • Status: Construction (on-going)