A society becomes more attractive when there is social connection between generations. Some main points of ODA are diversity and inclusivity, and as such it is always a pleasure to add such value into architecture.

The project is located on the south of Luxembourg, commune of Bettembourg. As the commune itself offers the vibrance of multigeneration, expressing in architecture form should be the next step for this town.

The base of the project was already set, as there was an existing house. Standing between the two generations of grandparents and grandchildren, ODA offered a design based on the principle of needs for both parties. And as such it creates an example of social sustainability.

As the house is already existing, a need for transformation emerged. Such transformation was done by renovating the inside of the house as well as adding an extension. Maison Bettermbourg was designed on basis of movement of people. Having a family of multigeneration living there, movement is ought to be dedicated all the way to wheeling chairs. Within the house, you find big living spaces dedicated to generations, spacious kitchen and dinning room as well as bedrooms complimenting the needs of each. Outside the living spaces, you can find a backyard that offers a docile feeling for the tenants.

Maison Bettembourg’s façade is quite different from the ones in you might see in the town of Bettembourg. Offering such contemporary solutions for the façade, opens a door of attractiveness for co-living.

And as such, diversity and inclusivity through architecture become the tools needed for a beautiful social network.

  • Location: Bettermbourg, Luxembourg
  • Program: housing, private residence, house
  • Typology: House
  • Client: Private
  • Size: 427,9
  • Year: 2021
  • Design team: ODA Architects
  • Status: Authorized