Located inside Luxembourg city, in a highly protected zone with national interest, this project challenges a new design while keeping its old identity.

Old buildings carry history and this project has a special one. The building was serving as habitation for workers of steel industry in the 19th century. This house is a symbol of housing in Luxembourg.

Passed on generation after generation, the building is ought to keep its identity with a touch of contemporary.

Being located in face of a new development happening in Luxembourg City, close to LUCA, this house will represent intertwining of old and new architecture, historical and contemporary. Being limited in every context, the re-design presents itself in the interior with function, material and color.

However, the limitations stretch in the interior as well. The commune had a request that the newly designed staircase, is not allowed to be seen from the outside. Challenged by this request, ODA took it upon to design custom maid staircase that can cater to the needs of the users and satisfy the request of the authorities. There is a total of 16 stair landings with a height of 18 cm, however the design is quite particular as each stair differs from the other in shape and size.

Besides that, within the house you would find quite a comfy atmosphere with your typical everyday living areas such as kitchen, dinning room, salon and of course bed-rooms located on the upper floor. Every design decision was based on the fact that the outer-walls cannot be touched and have to remain the same.

Interventions made within the interior were based on keeping the original material with an innovative approach. By adding insulation to the existing structure, the design gave best performance in impact sound and energy efficiency.

  • Location Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Program housing, private residence, house, heritage
  • Typology House
  • Client Private
  • Size 327,7
  • Year 2021
  • Design team ODA Architects
  • Status In process