Luxembourg known as the pittoresque, single-family houses is calling for a change. A call for change calls for new approaches on design. Located in Asselborn, commune of Wincrange, this project in its core withholds the Luxembourgish spirit with a twist of contemporary.

The site is an open plot and building from scratch comes with the idea to blend and utilize the beautiful forest and meadows while creating a coherent design.

The form of the building was carved in a way where a bigger form becomes lighter. This was achieved by “dividing” the building into two pieces that are similar but not identical and in-between providing a light glass structure. The purpose of the glass structure is not only esthetical but providing natural light even on the smallest areas within the building. This approach id affected by the rule of providing a traditional gable roof. However, the break and the different materials achieve the goal of not having a monotonous façade.

It is a private single-family house composed of 4 floors. The basement with technical rooms and other usage such as storage. The ground floor’s main feature is the open concept of the kitchen, dinning room and living room area. It is open to the outside view, with spectacular views of the meadows and forest. Within the floor, the composition is complete by adding a small courtyard that represents the blend with the nature. The upper floors are composed of bedrooms and leisure rooms.

Besides form and function, ODA’s goal in achieving contemporary design is also through mix-use of material. Combination of transparent and solid on the outside presents as such. Meanwhile, the interior has a combination of materials such as wood, stone-marble, thus avoiding synthetic materials.

As ODA’s goal is creating a new presence in architectural form, Maison Asselborn comes to life.

  • Location Wincrange, Luxembourg
  • Program housing, private residence, house
  • Typology House
  • Client Private
  • Size 460.1
  • Year 2021
  • Design team ODA Architects
  • Status Authorized