Located in one of the most traditional communes in Luxembourg, Residence St. Laurent is far from traditional. Situated between client and commune demands, the project offered a possibility of exploration for ODA Architects in terms of contemporary design, sustainable use of material as well as construction techniques.

The site, a major key element of the project was imposed, as it had already an existing building. The volume, gabarit and form of roof was imposed to be kept. Instead of seeing it as a disadvantage, using design as a tool, ODA took the advantage to introduce contemporary design into a traditional neighborhood. Considering that the surrounding houses were characterized with repetitive volumetry, material and façade, St. Laurent residence was an opportunity to pop-out architecturally and transform the neighborhood character.

Overall, the residence has a rectangular shape and it is composed of 4 floors, one of which is basement. The last floor is a fully functional attic. Within the residence, you may find apartments varying from a studio apartment to a duplex. Each floor has its own characteristics. The basement has 7 parking spaces dedicated to the apartments above, following with technical rooms and storage spaces. The studio apartment is composed of compact yet comfortable area whereas the duplex apartment stretches out up to two floors with two bedrooms. Stepping outside of the building, the design offers a green oasis serving as a communal garden in a green-less neighborhood. This garden emphasizes the spirit of collectivity yet gives the habitants their own privacy.

Volumetry of Residence St. Laurent is expressed with the use of different materials. A combination of fine-cut stone on the ground floor and aluminum extending to the top of the roof, together frame the residence’s volumetry. The use of materials has nonetheless a secondary agenda, sustainability.

The trifecta of contemporary design, sustainability and function that Residence St. Laurent embraces gives it its own architectural character.

  • Location: Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg
  • Program: housing, apartments, private residence, house
  • Typology: Apartment Building
  • Client: Private
  • Size: 818,7
  • Year: 2019
  • Design team: ODA Architects
  • Status: Authorized